Great open relationship role models on Instagram

If you’re like us, you’ve probably noticed that while a lot of people are talking about open relationships, few normal people are actually fully open in discussing the highs and lows of living in an open-style relationship.

Whether it’s ethical non-monogamy, swinging or even sometimes polyamory, most normal people in open-style relationships are worried about the social backlash if “exposed” and as such generally choose to stay semi-anonymous or fully avoid speaking publicly.

Choosing to outwardly maintain a facade of monogamy, while inwardly doing anything but. In fact, we are ourselves guilty of this, for the same reasons. We are not fully public.

So while most of us stay hidden and don’t publicly show the way forward, some shining beacons of light do exist on Instagram.

Here are some of the accounts we actively follow and think you should too if you’re interested in open relationships.

Sarah Stroh (@monogamish_me)

Let’s just start by stating the obvious: Sarah is badass.

She’s openly non-monogamous, polyamorous and currently (at time of writing) even pregnant – while still actively practicing non-monogamy.

She’s also incredible open and honest, even when her thoughts and opinions are going to seriously provoke hardcore monogamists and the more conservative crowd.

That’s really putting yourself out there for all to see and all the crazies to attack.

But here’s the thing – that’s not really what you see if you check out her Instagram.

Sure, there are some negative people on there attacking her, calling her selfish and all kinds of things. But the vast majority of the comments she gets are from people who feel represented and who support her.

You’ll also find her content is incredible varied. Check out this post about being a “surprise unicorn” when you thought you were hooking up with a guy:

Or this incredibly honest post about how she recognizes her occasional feelings of jealousy and anger, are sometimes motivated by wanting to be a victim and wanting attention, rather than strengthening their shared relationship:

In many ways, we identity a lot with Sarah and how she does things. All in all, she has a lot of good stuff. You should really check her out on Instagram and on her other platforms linked here.

Elizabeth Cunningham (@elzcunningham)

Yet another wonderful woman on Instagram, sharing her life as a queer polyamorous woman.

Elizabeth, like Sarah, has a lot content available (including an OnlyFans for you dirty people out there 😜.. looking at you Carl🫵), but unlike Sarah it is mostly centered around polyamory specifically.

This is especially interesting for us, as this is a quite different take on non-monogamy than what we usually do. As such, following Elizabeth provides new insights for us on a subject we personally don’t know enough about. Elizabeth broadens our horizons.

While we do consider ourselves “poly-ish”, and have had instances of more emotional connections with third parties both together and apart, it is not a primary defining feature of our relationship, nor the way we generally practice non-monogamy. This is an avenue where we have room to grow.

Historically, we’ve been a lot more about sexual exploration together and apart. Sharing pleasure and experiences with different people. In contrast again, Elizabeth has never attended a sex party of any kind and seems primarily motivated by the act of romantically dating multiple people, rather than sex:

Also check out this post where she describes how she realized she was polyamorous:

All in all, as with Sarah, Elizabeth has a lot of good stuff. Check her out on Instagram or any of her other platforms linked here (yes – her OnlyFans link is also in there Carl.. you dirty bastard)

Jen & Marc (@jenandmarc1)

Jean and Marc are objectively a fun and inspiring couple who are open about being swingers, or a “lifestyle couple” as many also call it. Admittedly perhaps stretching the concept of “normal people” seeing as they were both on UK Channel 4’s Open House: The Great Sex Experiment, a TV-show about couples trying out open relationships.

Why did we include them then? Because for one: They’re objectively funny:

And two, despite mostly sharing thirst traps and skits, a lot of their content also shares real insights into how it’s like living as a lifestyle couple and the stigma certain parts of society can put upon this sort of lifestyle:

… also this one felt incredibly relatable… sigh:

All in all – Jen & Marc are awesome. Hoping to see them back for season 3 of Open House: The Great Sex Experiment, when it hopefully airs at some point. Give them a follow and check out their other stuff linked here (yes Carl – there’s also an OnlyFans link there.. god dammit dude)

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